2021 is coming to a close, so it's time for your books to do the same!

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Before you start, follow the basic startup procedures found below.

 Gather organization information.

  Add organization levels.

Be Careful

Entering your organization levels correctly is critical. You cannot go back and change the hierarchy of organization levels once you begin entering your organizations.

  Decide on PIN setup and either configure Organizations to use the same PIN and envelope number or configure Organizations to use different PIN and envelope numbers.

  Add staff positions.

  Optional: Add position levels.

  Define open dates, fields and lists.

  Optional: Activate the Organizations Changes Log. Activating the Organizations Changes Log lets you track changes made to organization records. We recommend activating this option.

  Set up your defaults for newsletter, statements, and e-mail.

  Decide if you want to enforce organization hierarchy and/or allow unaffiliated organizations.

  Choose your duplicate checking setting.

  Add organizations.

  Add staff members and select a staff member as the primary contact.

  Configure statistics fields and add organization statistics.


We recommend making a backup of your data before entering organizations.