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The MICR Image Reader works with ACS Contributions desktop only. It does not work with ACS OnDemand.


Do I need to turn off my computer to connect the scanner?

If you have a serial connection, you need to turn off your computer so that the operating system recognizes the scanner as being connected and to prevent a short.

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Can I use an LP to USB adapter to connect my scanner to my computer?

No, the scanner only works if you have a USB cable for a USB Port.

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Can I place my scanner on top of my computer?

No. You must place the scanner at least a foot away from any power source such as your monitor or CPU.

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Are there any special settings in ACS that I must change to use the scanner?

Yes, you must configure the scanner.

 To set up ACS to use the scanner
  1. Open ACS.
  2. Under Advanced Tools, click the Settings tab.
  3. In the drop-down list, select Contributions and click Go .
  4. Under Entry Options, from the Entry Order drop-down list, select Check.
  5. From the Check Scanner drop-down list, select the correct scanner, then click Configure.
  6. Make sure the Com Port is set to the same port indicated in the Device Manager.

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How do I scan checks in ACS?

Before you scan checks, please make sure the configuration is set up correctly. See Are there any special settings in ACS that I must change to use the scanner? before you proceed.

 To scan a check
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Contributions tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Enter/Post Contributions and click Go .
  3. Click Add/Edit Transactions.
  4. Select a current batch or start a new batch.
  5. Click Add, then Scan Check.

A message displays telling you to place the check in the scanner. Place the check in the scanner with the front of the check facing in.

Once the check is scanned, the Find Person window displays. You can choose the contributor or add a new family from this option. If you have already set the family up on the Checking Account Maintenance tab in Setup, the person's record displays. You can then enter the Transaction Type, Amount, Fund, etc.

If you have not set the individuals up on the Checking Account Maintenance tab, the program automatically adds them to the tab.

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Am I finished after I scan my checks?

No. After scanning all the checks, you must print any reports you need and post your transactions.

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Can I delete check images from the ACSPICT folder when I am low on disk space?

Yes. In Support Utilities, there is a cbdelcheckpics.exe utility that allows you to delete images by date range. Make a backup, then contact Support for assistance in running this utility.


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