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When your contributors give through Abundant, you can import these gifts into Contributions. After importing, you can post them to Contributions and General Ledger, print the weekly register and General Ledger distributions, print receipts, and clear the weekly posting.

When you import transactions, Unmatched Records displays contributions from those who gave inside Abundant for the first time or don't have records inside ACS. You can match records to individuals or organizations inside Contributions, or create a new record for first-time contributors.

After you match the Abundant and ACS records, the contributor's gifts display under Matched Records. The next time you import, these records are automatically matched, and you can manage gifts on the individual or organization profile. If there's a mistake, you can reassign or unmatch records as well. 

 To import transactions from Abundant
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Contributions tab.
  2. Select Enter/Post Contributions from the drop-down list and click Go .
  3. Click Import Transactions, then Abundant Import. The Abundant Import window displays.
  4. In the Select Open Batch drop-down list, select the batch in ACS you want to import the transactions to. If you haven't set up a batch yet, click Start New Batch to create one.
  5. In the drop-down list, select a default Payment Type
  6. Optional: Enter a Comment.
  7. Under Unmatched Records, select each unmatched record and click Match Record to Individual or Match Record to Organization to match the records to individuals and organizations in ACS.
  8. Once all records have been matched, click Import.

Sometimes, a first-time contributor gives through Abundant and may not have a record inside ACS Contributions. When importing transactions and matching records, you can create a record.

 To add a contributor in ACS
  1. Under Unmatched Records, select the contributor without an ACS record, then click Match Record to Individual.
  2. When the Find Person window displays, click Add New Family.
  3. The individual's contact information from Abundant displays. Enter any additional information, then click Save.
  4. When you return to the Find Person window, click OK. The contributor's Abundant record is now linked with his or her new ACS record.

Separating Records

If you separate a head and spouse who each gave independently in Abundant but had combined Contributions gifts, Abundant assigns the gifts based on the original contributor. This means the head and spouse each receive their original posted Abundant gifts.

Missing Transactions?

You can ensure that prior Abundant transactions imported into Contributions. When importing transactions, click Advanced to reset the start date. Abundant imports any missing transactions made on or after the date you select. 


When importing transactions from Abundant, the import grid displays a Comments column. If a donor didn’t enter a comment in Abundant, you can enter a comment that displays after importing and in Add/Edit Transactions. If a donor entered a comment in Abundant, it displays in the Comment field in the grid. 

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