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You can interface HeadMaster Billing with the ACS General Ledger module. This lets you import and post payments and adjustments for miscellaneous income from HeadMaster to post to the General Ledger.

After you post payments in HeadMaster Billing, a notification displays when users log in to ACS Financial Suite. The notification informs users that HeadMaster transactions need to be imported. You can edit the notification to change the due date, status, priority, and owner.

Once you import the transactions into ACS Financial Suite, you can view and delete transactions, preview and print the transaction proof list, and post the transactions. If you need to make changes to the HeadMaster transactions, you can delete the transactions and create new transactions in ACS General Ledger Add/Edit Transactions. You cannot edit HeadMaster transactions in ACS Financial Suite.


To import transactions, you must have user rights to General Ledger Add/Edit Transactions. Otherwise, the Run button in the Notifications window is disabled.

 To import HeadMaster transactions to the ACS Financial Suite
  1. Log into the ACS Financial Suite.
  2. Under Advanced Tools, select the Admin Utilities tab.
  3. In the drop-down list, select Notifications and click Go .
  4. In the Notifications window, select the HeadMaster notification and click Run. The Importing Transactions window displays as the import runs. When the import is complete, the Transactions have been imported window displays.
  5. In the Go to drop-down list, select a General Ledger window and click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel.