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You can use SpeedCheck to scan checks and import them into the ACS Contributions module. When you import transactions, you can post them to the batch and date that you select in Enter/Post Contributions.

After you import transactions into Contributions, work with them just as you work with your other transactions by posting them to Contributions and General Ledger, printing the weekly register and General Ledger distributions, printing receipts, and clearing the weekly posting.

 To import contributions from SpeedCheck
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Contributions tab.
  2. Select Enter/Post Contributions from the drop-down list and click Go .
  3. In the Enter/Post Transactions window, click Import Transactions, then ACS Speed Check.
  4. Click Import Batches.
  5. In the Select Batch drop-down list, select the batch you want to import.
  6. In the Select Open Batch drop-down list, select the batch in ACS you want to import the transactions to. If you haven't set up a batch yet, click Start New Batch to create one.
  7. Under Unmatched Records, select each unmatched record and click Match Record to Individual or Match Record to Organization to match the records to individuals and organizations in ACS.
  8. Once all records have been matched, click Import.