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Similar to sorting, you can group individuals by up to four different fields in report results. Additionally, you can choose to require a page-break after each group.

For example, suppose your church assigns elders to each family and you use a custom field in ACS to track elder assignments. On occasion, you probably need to print a list of families and elder assignments so that the elders know who they're responsible for. (A helpful report for this is the Names and Special Fields report.) In this case, you can group the families by their assigned elder. To make it easier to hand out the printed pages, you can require a page-break after each elder's list of assignments.


Grouping people is not available for all reports.

 To group people in reports
  1. In the reports window, select the report.
  2. If the report is a Contributions or Financial Suite report, select the report's date range in the lower sidebar.
  3. Click Customize.
  4. Under Formatting, select Group and click Select.
  5. In the Fields column, select the field and click Add.
  6. When you are finished selecting the fields to group by, click Close.
  7. To require a page-break after each group, select Page Break on Last Group.
  8. To view the report, click Preview.