2021 is coming to a close, so it's time for your books to do the same!

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General Ledger Setup lets you customize ACS Financial Suite to meet your church or organization's needs.

Here's an overview of each area of General Ledger Setup and what you can do in it:

  • The G/L Setup Tab — Use the General Ledger Setup tab to add or edit fund accounts or set your accounting period.
  • The Account Setup Tab — Use the Account Setup tab to define or change your account numbering format.
  • The Transaction Setup Tab — Use the G/L Transaction Setup tab to select default transaction sources, project codes, budget remaining flags, check printing options, and warnings for crossing funds or duplicate reference numbers.
  • The Name Setup Tab — Use Name Setup to determine how individuals' names display in the ACS Financial Suite's Global Name List. You can also merge individuals in the Global Name List on this tab.
  • Change G/L Period — Use Change G/L Period to change your financial year (calendar or fiscal).
  • HeadMaster Interface — Use the HeadMaster Interface area to interface with your HeadMaster program, select a connection type, and enter connection parameters.
  • Check Layout Design — Use Check Layout Design to create check layouts or edit existing check layouts.