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The first step of entering and posting payroll is entering employee time sheets. You can do this by:

Loading time sheets or recalling a batch gives you access to the records of a group of employees that you want to pay at a particular time. When you load time sheets, you identify filter criteria each time. When you load a batch, the filter settings have been previously saved. The advantage of saving a batch is that you do not have to identify the filter criteria each time.


When you save a batch with a name that has already been used, you're prompted to overwrite the existing file rather than create a second batch with the same name.

Whether you choose to load time sheets or to create and load batches, the Payroll Module provides a large amount of flexibility with both of these features. For example, you have three groups of employees in your organization: salaried, full-time hourly, and part-time hourly. You want to pay only the full-time hourly and part-time hourly employees at this time. If you're using batches, you can recall your full-time hourly batch and your part-time hourly batch.

Loading one batch and then another does not overwrite the previously loaded batch. Likewise, if you prefer to load employees, you can load one group of employees and add another group. As long as you select Keep Existing, the first group of employees is not overwritten.

After entering time sheets, continue the payroll process by printing the Time Sheet Journal report, which helps you verify your time sheet entries.