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On the Configuration tab in Contributions Setup, you can change your posting period, select your posting, pledge, and entry options, set your maximum envelope number, and set up your General Ledger interface.

 To set up options on the Configuration tab
  1. Under Advanced Tools, click the Settings tab.
  2. Select Contributions from the drop-down list and click Go .
  3. Click the Configuration tab.
  4. If using a Fiscal Year, under Posting Period, select Fiscal Year. Then select the Starting Month. If using a calendar year, the starting month defaults to January.
  5. Under Miscellaneous Options, enter or edit the Max Envelope Number and Next Envelope Number.
  6. Under Posting Options, select the appropriate options for pledges, giving plans, and inactive contributors.
  7. Under Access ACS Guest Giver, click Find Person to assign a record that you can import guest giver contributions to from Access ACS.
  8. Under Pledge Options, select Only Apply Gifts from Start Date if you do not want to apply gifts prior to the start date for mid-year pledges. If selected, only gifts from the start date apply to the pledge, rather than all year's gifts. You can still select Prepay when entering contributions to add payments for prepaid pledges and attach prior gifts manually.
  9. Under Entry Options, select the appropriate options for adding contributions gifts.
  10. If interfacing with the General Ledger, select the appropriate options under GL Interface.
  11. To add and manage funds in Abundant, click Launch Abundant.
  12. When finished, click OK.
Additional Field Information

Posting Options

  • Auto Post Arrears — To enable automatic posting to arrears pledges, select this option. After you select this option here, you must also set up arrears posting on the individual pledge or at the fund level.
  • Use Giving Plans — To allow giving plans, select this option.
  • Activate Inactive Contributors — When the Active Contributor checkbox is cleared on an individual's record, their status is changed to an Inactive Contributor. Selecting this option (Activate Inactive Contributors) changes their status back to an Active Contributor when a gift is posted to their record.
  • Use Regular Accts. for Paid Pledges — To post gifts to regular accounts (instead of non-pledge accounts) when the gift is in the date range of a paid pledge, select this option.
  • Overpay Current Pledges — To continue to apply gifts to pledges until the stop date (even after a pledge has been paid), select this option. If selected, gifts applied to overpaid pledges display as Pledge Gifts on reports.

Entry Options

  • Display Pledges — To display pledge summary information in the Add/Edit Transactions window, select this option.
  • Enter Ref Number — To control whether the Ref # field is in the tab order, select this option.
  • Insert Decimal — To automatically insert decimals when making entries, select this option. For example, if you select the option and enter 10, it displays as $.10. If you do not select it, 10 displays as $10.00.
  • Default Location — In the drop-down list, select Find Person if most of your contributors are individuals. If most of your contributions come from organizations, select Find Organization.
  • Entry Order — Select the default method for selecting a contributor while entering transactions (Envelope, Name, or Check). While you can always select a contributor by any method, the entry order that you select will determine where the cursor returns after each entry.
  • Check Scanner — If your organization uses a check scanner, select it in the drop-down list.
  • Default Payment Type — Select the default payment type for entering contributions.

GL Interface

  • ACS GL Interface — To interface with the ACS General Ledger, select this option. Then, select the dataset to interface with.
  • Use Project Codes — To display the Project Code field and General Ledger projects in the Contributions Entry window, select this option.
  • GL Source — If interfaced with ACS General Ledger, select the source code. The sources list displays based on the selected dataset.
  • Next Reference Number — If not interfaced with ACS General Ledger, enter the next reference number used for posting.

Launch Abundant — Click to add and manage funds inside Abundant.