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After you install the backup service utility, you can set up the service to run on your computer. To configure the ACS Backup Service, you must have administrative rights, and if you're on a network, you should set up the ACS Backup Service on your server.

In comparison with LiveStor, ACS Backup/Restore allows you to conveniently set a schedule to automatically create backups of all your ACS data. However, you'll need to configure the program according to the following guidelines and considerations:

  • Set ACS Backup/Restore to activate when all other users are logged out of ACS. If other users are logged in to ACS when the scheduled backup job is activated, the data they're actively using is excluded from the backup file. For example, you could schedule backups in the early morning hours or late at night if you're sure that no one in your organization will be using ACS at those times. It's also a good idea to communicate the scheduled backup time to your staff to ensure that they're not logged into ACS.
  • Designate one computer or workstation as a backup workstation, then set the scheduled backup jobs to run on it. If you're operating in a network environment, running the scheduled backup jobs on more than one computer or workstation is highly inefficient and unnecessary.
  • While you can create a backup containing all of your active ACS data with the ACS Backup/Restore program, you should carefully consider your use of the Maximum Number of Stored Backups option, especially if the backup files are initially stored locally. Scheduled backup files are comparatively larger than those created manually, so file space can become an issue depending on the value you set for this option.

Once you set up the service, you can create a backup schedule.

 To configure the ACS Backup Schedule Service
  1. Open the Run window.
    a.) Windows 7: On your Windows desktop, click the Start button  in the lower-left corner of the screen. The Start menu displays. In the search box, located at the bottom of the Start menu, type run. Click  Run. The Run window displays.
    b.) Windows 8.1 and Windows 10: On the Windows desktop, right-click the Start button  in the lower-left corner of the screen. A Windows context menu displays. Click Run. The Run window displays.
  2. In the Open field, type services.msc, and click OK. The Services window displays.
  3. Under Name, double-click ACS Service.
  4. Click the Log On tab.
  5. Select This Account, and enter your administrative user name and password.
  6. Confirm your password and, click Apply.
  7. Click OK twice, and click Restart the Service.