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There are three main steps in the search process:

Including Deactivated Records

By default, only active records are searched.

 To include deactivated records
  1. Once you have made your selections on the Search Information tab, click New Search. This opens the Search Criteria tab.
  2. Expand Lists, then double-click Active
  3. Select "A" and "D". Click OK.
  4. Continue adding your search criteria, then click Process.
 To conduct a search
  1. On the Search Information tab, under Search On, select the records you want to search on.
  2. Under Include Records That, select "and" or "or" depending on your search criteria.
  3. Under Search Output Flag, select the type of records you want returned in your search results.
  4. Enter search criteria by doing one of the following:
    • Click New Search, to enter new search criteria.
    • Click Edit Search, to edit existing search criteria.
    • Click Load Criteria, to use previously saved search criteria.
  5. Once you enter your criteria on the Search Criteria tab, click Process.
  6. Click the Results tab to view the search results. Select any of the available outputs by right-clicking within the Results grid or selecting one of the options from the Search Information tab.

Search Date

You can change the Search Date if it affects your search. For example, if you are searching for everyone who will be a certain age by a certain date.