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On the Checking Account Maintenance tab, you can enter new check information, determine whether an individual or organization's record has check information, add bill pay accounts, review and print check information, and enter bank account information for contributors who want to give via automatic withdrawal. You can also determine whether a check has been scanned and assigned, reassign a check, scan a new check, or select to display a contributor's record so you can edit it after scanning.

 To set up Checking Account Maintenance options
  1. Under Advanced Tools, click the Settings tab.
  2. Select Contributions from the drop-down list and click Go .
  3. Click on the Checking Account Maint. tab.
  4. Click on the appropriate button to set up checking account information.
  5. When finished, click OK to save your changes.
Additional Field Information

Find Person
Click to determine whether an individual has check information assigned to his or her record.

Find Org
Click to determine whether an organization has check information assigned to his or her record.

Add New
Click to manually enter new check information.

Add Bill Pay Account
Click to enter new check information for a bill pay service account. A bill pay account is a bank account not associated with a specific individual. When you scan a check for a bill pay account, the Find Person window displays, and you can select the contributor. The scanned image is then associated with that contributor's record.

Click to edit the selected individual's check information.

Click to delete a contributor's check information.

Click to refresh all information and fields on the Checking Account Maintenance tab.

Click to create a prenotification file for ACH accounts. A prenotification file is a zero dollar file that is sent to the bank for verification purposes. This file contains the receiving bank's information, and the names and account numbers of the contributors.

Click to preview and print check information.

Field Descriptions — Check Reader

The Check Reader options only work with MICR or MiniMICR check readers. Check imagers used for SpeedCheck cannot be used to enter checking account information.

Find Check
Click to determine whether a check has been previously scanned and to whom it is assigned.

Click to scan a new check for a contributor with existing check information.

Scan New
Click to scan new check information.

Confirm after scanning?
Select to display a record so you can edit it after scanning a new check.