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The following information consists of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Cass It and Max It reports.


What reports can I print from Cass It?

Within Cass It, you can print the Invalid Addresses report and USPS Form 3553.

The Invalid Addresses report displays the name, Address Type, address and error description of invalid addresses found in your database.

The USPS Form 3553 is the official USPS® report that displays your CASS validation period. The CASS validation period refers to the dates your CASS certification is valid. Cass It also lets you view addresses and test these addresses against the USPS address database.

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What reports can I print from Max It?

Max It contains several reports. Here's a brief description of each:

Max It Report Name


Qualification ReportThe Qualification Report is a detailed breakdown of the contents of each tray and a summary of the rates claimed for Destination Entry Discounts.
Postage ReportThe Postage Report shows the volume of mail being presented, the postage payable or affixed, and certifies that the mailing meets the applicable eligibility standards for the rate claimed.
Drop Shipment ReportThe Drop Shipment Report is required if you will present your mailing to multiple Postal Service Facilities around the region or country.
Container LabelsTrays and sacks must be tagged with barcoded labels in order for the Postal Service’s automated equipment to process them. These labels are created and printed based upon the settings entered for the sort. Select Save to File if you want to print container labels from outside of Max It. This will generate a comma-delimited text (.txt) file. When you click Lookup , you will be prompted for a location and file name to save the text file.
Mail Sort SummaryThis is a one-page summary of the settings used in this presort and the results.
ZIP Code ListingThis report lists the number of pieces in each ZIP Code used in the mailing and the rate category for which they qualified.
Container ListingThis is a detailed breakdown of the number of pieces in each container by sort type and destination ZIP Code.

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If I do not use Max It, where can I get the information for Define County ZIP Codes and Define ZIP Code Zone?

You can find this information at your local post office.

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