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This page consists of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Cass It!®, Max It!™, and Max It!™ for Periodicals, as received by the ACS Support Department.


What is Cass It and what does it do?

CASS™ stands for Coding Accuracy Support System. The United States Postal Service® (USPS®) developed the CASS certification process in cooperation with the mailing industry. The purpose of CASS is to certify mail pieces, which continually improves the accuracy of 5-digit ZIP Code™, ZIP + 4®, Automated Codes, and Carrier Route Codes.

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How can Cass It save me money?

Cass It certifies your addresses to help you qualify for a postage discount. You might qualify for a ZIP+4 Code, 5-digit ZIP Code, Automated, or Carrier Route discount.

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Where do I select the record types to CASS certify?

You can select the record types to Cass certify by clicking Configure in the ACS CASS Certification window, then selecting the record types you want under Addresses.

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What is the Suggestion List. How do I correct an address on this list?

When you CASS certify your addresses, you can use the Suggestion List to view a list of invalid addresses and possible address corrections. To correct an address on the Suggestion list window, you should first test the address. For more information on how to test an address, please see the Correcting and Testing Invalid Addresses topic in Cass It! Help.

Once you successfully test the address, you can click Replace Address to replace the incorrect address. You can also manually check for possible address corrections at

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What is Max It? What does it do?

Max It is an advanced mail module designed to complement Labels in ACS People Suite. It works in conjunction with the Cass It module.

Max It uses sorting routines to sort your mail and prepare it in containers. Max It also uses current city and state address information that is updated bi-monthly and generates required postage reports.

By using Max It, you can potentially save money on your bulk mailings.

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How can Max It save me money?

By using the city/state file information, you may qualify for a Presort discount, Automation discount, and Carrier Code discount. Max It saves you money by finding the most cost efficient way to send your mail.

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What classes of mail can I send?

You can send standard, first class, and periodicals.

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