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Do I have to promote everyone?

No. If you continue current master groups when promoting, you're not required to move everyone. If you only need to promote a few individuals to new classes, you can also promote them through View/Edit Class Groups. 

If you want to promote everyone, we recommend creating a new master group.

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How do I add or remove classes?

This depends on your promotion method. 

If you continue current master groups, you can add a few classes within the current structure, through Group Setup

If you create new master groups, you can add classes within the promotion menu. If you selected to copy the current group structure, click Edit in the Promotion window to add new classes.

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How do I change my group structure?

To save time, sketch out your new class structure before you begin the promotion process in ACS. You may also want to seek input from others in your organization before making those changes.

When promoting, we recommend selecting Create New Master Group. This lets you create new groups, add events, set up marking fields, and add positions. 

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When can I start promotion?

The best time to promote attendance is at the end of your attendance year. Before promotingmake a People backup and choose your promotion method

When you're working with attendance promotion, you can close and open the Promotion window as often as needed and your changes are saved. No changes are permanent until you complete attendance promotion

You can also have more than one master group's promotion in progress at the same time. For example, you can work on the Sunday School promotion while your another church administrator works on the Awana Club promotion.

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How soon can I promote before my new classes start?

You can start promotion at any time, but your changes are not permanent until you click Promote

If you select Mark Associates, you can click Promote at any time. Otherwise, you should wait until the week before your new classes begin.

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Do I have to make a backup before promotion?

Yes, you must create a backup of your People Suite data within two days of beginning the promotion process.

With a recent backup, you can restore your data if you encounter issues during the promotion process, or if you need to make changes after promotion.

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Why doesn't an individual's name display on the Enter/Post Attendance window after promoting?

The records for the new year only display if the posting date entered in Enter/Post Attendance is within the new attendance year.

To view records for the new year, change the posting date to a date after the first day of the new attendance year. This also applies to viewing new groups on the Enter/Post Attendance and View/Edit Groups windows, as well as the Activities and Classes tabs on the View/Edit Individual window.

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Can I promote more than one Master Group at a time?

Yes, you can promote as many class type Master Groups as you want at any time. However, a Master Group can only display once in Promotion at any particular time. 

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Can I promote from a Level 3 Master Group to a Level 1 or 2 Master Group?

Yes, when you select the option Create New Master Group, you can choose any level master group you want.

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How can I display old and new class information on one report?

If you want to view the class the individuals are currently in as well as the class they'll move to after promotion, you can configure the Rolls report to print the Next Year's DivisionNext Year's DepartmentNext Year's Class, or Next Year's Positions special fields.

 To configure the Rolls report to show old and new class information
  1. On the Promotion menu, click Reports, select Lists, then select the Rolls report.
  2. Click Customize, and select the Master Group you are promoting.
  3. Under Report Settings, select Special Fields and then click Select.
  4. Under Column, select Next Year's Class.
  5. Click Add .
  6. As needed, repeat steps 4 and 5 for Next Year's Division, Next Year's Department, and Next Year's Position. When finished click Close.
  7. Click Preview to make sure you have selected the correct special fields.
  8. Click .

If the Next Year's DivisionNext Year's Department, or Next Year's Class fields are blank, this means individuals weren't promoted to a class.  If you need to make any changes, complete those prior to clicking Promote.

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Do I need to move everyone in the group, even if they are staying in the same class?

When using the Continue Current Master Group option during promotion, you shouldn't move individuals who are staying in the same class on the Promotion Setup window.

If you move an individual you want to keep in the same group, you create a dropped record for that individual in the previous year, and a new record in the new year. In this case, after you promote, the individual's dropped record and the new record both remain inside the existing group, instead of continuing with the record for the individual.

If you selected the option Create New Master Group, you must move everyone in the group even if the individual is staying in the same class. For example, if you have a College and Career class in the current master group, all individuals remaining in that class need to be moved to the College and Career Class in the new master group. Any individuals who aren't moved to the new group will be dropped.

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Can I change the group's start month?

You can change the start month when using the Create New Master Group option during promotion, but you cannot change the start month if continuing current master groups. 

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Can I post attendance to the old group after promoting?

Yes. You must select to Mark Associates under the group's Master Settings, and you must select a posting date prior to the effective date of the promotion in Enter/Post Attendance.

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After promotion, why doesn't everyone display in the new group?

When using the Create New Master Group option during promotion, you must move the individuals that you want in the new group into a class in the new Master Group.

When you promote, any individuals you do not move to the new group will remain in the previous group as Associate records, and have a Date Removed of the last date of the previous year.

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After promoting, why do asterisks (**) display beside individual records on Attendance reports?

When promotion to a new group is complete, all of the records in the former group have a Date Removed equal to the last day of the former group's year, and are transferred into Associate records which are designated by asterisks (**) beside the record. The new group contains the current records, which are given a Date Added of the first day of the month and year for the new group.

Once you complete the promotion process, for the remainder of the first week, you must select an Effective Date of the first day of the month and year for the new group in order to select it from the group field. New groups are not available in the Master Group on the Enter/Post Attendance and View/Edit Groups windows, and Activities and Classes tabs on the View/Edit Individual window, unless you select an Effective Date of the first day of the month and year for the new group.

Once the system date on your computer exceeds the Effective Date, the new group is automatically available in the Master Group field.

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