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Advanced Export is an advanced version of the People Export you can use to export selected data from the People module. You can use this option to generate a customized export file in various file formats.

The Advanced Export option includes data selection options from the People, Special Mailings, General Ledger, and Organizations modules, depending on the modules your organization owns. A solid understanding of these modules, as well as an understanding of search and export functionality, is important when using Advanced Export. If you have never exported information from ACS using the People Export, you should familiarize yourself with that option and its features before performing an advanced export.

As with performing searches, the best way to learn how to perform more complex tasks is to experiment. Plan your desired output carefully before you create your export file. By considering the fields you need to export data from, the desired organization of the data, and the appropriate file format for the export, you will save time completing an advanced export. Be sure that you are comfortable working in the software application to which you are exporting data.

While Advanced Exports enables you to export to many different software packages, ACS does not support these packages.

ACS OnDemand

Files exported within the OnDemand environment will open in OpenOffice instead of Microsoft® Office.