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When an individual or organization signs up for your activity, you can add a reservation record. This adds them to your activity's roster.

 To add a reservation record
  1. Under Manage Records, click the People tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Add/Edit Reservations and click Go .
  3. In the Activity field, select the desired activity and then click Add.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Click People to add a new member or locate an individual from an existing People record in the Find Person window.
    • Click Organization to locate an existing Organizations record.
    • Click Special Mailings to locate an existing Special Mailings record. You may only add a reservation for records previously entered in Special Mailings with the Special Mailings option.
    • Enter the information directly into the Add/Edit Reservations window to add the record to the Reservations module only. This record is not added to the People database, and an asterisk displays to the left of the last name on all non-member records.
  5. On the Contact tab, enter contact information by clicking Find Contact to use an existing People record, or entering the contact information directly into the fields.
  6. On the Notes tab, enter any notes relating to the individual's reservation.
  7. On the Picture tab, click Import if you want to import a picture for the reservation record.
  8. On the Categories tab, select the category elements that pertain to this record.
  9. On the Cost tab, select the costs for this record. Remember that default cost is automatically assigned based on the default cost added in Setup. If you add the default cost after the individual has been added to the activity, the default cost on their previous records will not automatically update. You will have to change them manually.
  10. On the Payments tab, enter any payments for this record.
  11. Click OK to accept all entries.
Additional Field Information

If you selected a record from People, Organizations, or Special Mailings, the individual or organization's information displays on this tab. However, if the individual is not a member, you can enter his or her personal information without adding them to your ACS database.

If the activity is recurring, the Standing drop-down list displays. Select the status for the reservation. Retain means the reservation is retained for each occurrence of the activity. Skip means the reservation is skipped, or not counted, for the activity. One Time means the reservation is added for the current occurrence of the activity.

On this tab, enter the registrant's emergency contact information, or click Find Contact to select an emergency contact's record from Find Person.

Use this tab to enter any notes pertaining to the individual and the activity. For example, if the individual attending the activity is a diabetic and has special nutritional needs, you could record that information.

You can add pictures to existing Reservations roster records. If the records in the activity are from the People module, ACS pulls their individual picture for use in Reservations. If you choose to update the picture by editing it or select a new image, the changes are applied to the picture tab in Add/Edit Individual in People as well. No family pictures are used.

To configure the picture for editing in a third party package, click Configure. To display the program that lets you edit the picture, you must link to the .exe file.

Use this tab to enter category information pertaining to an individual's reservation. The choices for categories are defined when you set up the activity. For example, if you set up one of the categories to be "Transportation," you could select the individual's transportation type.

Use this tab to enter cost information pertaining to an individual's reservation.

  • Selections — This area displays item costs that are associated with the activity, but are not part of the Default Cost. An example would be the cost of a T-shirt that would be an additional cost, not included in the Default Cost for the activity.
  • Default Cost — The Default cost can be added to an individual record or added to the entire Activity. The Default Cost is the cost of attending an activity. For example, the Default Cost may include registration and meals, but not include the price of a T-shirt.
  • Additional Cost — This area displays additional costs associated with the activity, such as a T-shirt.
  • Maximum Cost — Displays the maximum cost for an activity.
  • Total Cost — Displays the total cost for the individual for the activity. The total cost cannot exceed the maximum cost.

Use this tab to enter payments that the individual has made towards any reservation costs. To record a payment, click Add. You can also click Edit or Delete to update or delete payments, or you can click Print Receipt to print a payment receipt for the registrant.