2021 is coming to a close, so it's time for your books to do the same!

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To set up your ACS Accounts Receivable system, follow the steps below. To learn more about a process, click on the links within the text to view comprehensive procedures for that task.

Accounts Receivable Setup Checklist

 If you have not done so, enter your site information. On the Utilities menu, click Site Information.

 Establish your Accounts Receivable Setup options.

 If you plan to use a check scanner, you can configure it now.

 Establish the preferences to use when entering invoice and payment transactions.

 Establish your General Ledger interface options.

 If you use Headmaster (sold separately) and want to use it with ACS Accounts Receivable, configure the Headmaster interface options.

 Establish your Bank Account Maintenance options.

 Define your grade levels, fees, any discounts you plan to use, mass billing codes, payment codes, and individual lists.

or import the customers who will be part of your AR system.

 You can now create invoices, record payments, create receipts, and print reports as needed.