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The Find Person window is one of the most important areas in People Suite, because you can use it to add, remove, or update information about the individuals in your church or organization. A number of tools and options are available on the Find Person window.

The center grid area displays the names in your database. You can highlight a name in the grid to select it. Additionally, you can enter a name, or a portion of a name, in the Enter Last Name field to locate an individual or family in the Find Person grid. You can modify the search and locate functionality of the Enter Last Name field based upon the Selection Mode options you select.

You can customize the Find Person grid to meet your needs. The Grid tab of the Customize window provides a Fields list for the additional columns of information selected to display along with each name in the Find Person grid. You can also specify how the list of names is sorted by selecting a Sort List By option on the Options tab. The Sort List By option that you select determines the default method of displaying names in the Find Person grid every time you log into ACS. Finally, note the Group by Family option in the Customize window. When this option is selected, families are listed together, regardless of differences in last names.

You can change the way records are located on the Find Person window by modifying your current Selection Mode options, located on the Options tab of the Customize window. You can also choose to display an individual's Primary Active address, including a company name and country, if this information has been entered for individuals. When a name is selected in the grid, you can right-click to view this information.

If you can't locate the name you are looking for in the database, or if you need to add a new name, click Add New Family to enter the first record. If you want to add an additional member to an existing family, select an individual family member, and then click Add Family Member.

When a name is selected, you can click Copy To Clipboard to copy contact information such as the email address without having to open the individual's record. You can also click Print Profile to print an individual profile summary of key data in the individual's record. To print an individual profile for each family member associated with the selected individual, click Print Family Profile. You can also click Letter to access the ACS Mail Merge feature. The Show Results For options on the Find Person window provide a way to select a subset of names to display in the Find Person grid, based on a filter or a search. You can choose to filter the Find Person window by selecting the Filter option.


 To access an individual's information in Find Person
  1. Under Manage Records, click the People tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select View/Edit Individual and click Go .
  3. In the Find Person window, select the individual whose record you want to work with and click View/Edit.


    You can view an individual's complete Primary Active address, including a company name and country if you have entered these items, by selecting an individual and right-clicking the Find Person grid.