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The ACS Contributions module maintains complete giving records for all contributors, whether a regular contributor with a pledge, or a one-time contributor. The Contributions module interfaces with the ACS People module, eliminating the need to enter contributors into two different places.

You can also configure the Contributions module to post your GL distributions directly to the ACS General Ledger module.

Here are some of the features found in Contributions:

  • You can post contributions into up to 9999 funds, such as building fund, mission fund, etc.
  • You can record pledges for each fund. Pledge periods can vary by individual, fund, and duration to meet your specific needs.
  • Giving plans are fully supported. This enables contributors to earmark a percentage of their gifts for a particular fund or project on an ongoing basis. For example, the contributor may write one check, but opt to have 10% of each weekly gift go to support an overseas mission and 90% go toward local outreach. You can also set up different giving plans for each fund.
  • All entries may be marked in conformity with IRS regulations regarding quid pro quo gifts (for example, donating $50 for a $5 spaghetti dinner), non-cash gifts and non-deductible gifts. The Charitable Contributions Reports are easily printed for sending to contributors at year-end to fulfill church reporting requirements.
  • You can keep multi-year pledge and multi-year giving history. You can also apply pledges to past or future years, and even copy pledges to different years.
  • You can post contributions for any day of the week, even multiple gifts on a single day.
  • A full audit trail for corrections is provided. Listings are provided to allow for correction of errors discovered after posting.
  • You can interface the Contributions module with the ACS General Ledger module so entries are made automatically. You decide when to post to the General Ledger. Various funds in Contributions can be directed to specific accounts in General Ledger, simplifying entry.
  • You can print reports and statements that analyze the giving structure and total all contributions for specific time periods. History reports can be printed for the current or past years.
  • You can create graphs to provide analysis and add flair to reports.
  • You can keep contributions records individually or combined for a husband and wife.
  • Special envelope reassignment programs allow envelope numbers to be reassigned and envelope labels to be printed prior to year end. This allows the envelopes to be sent out while still working in the current year.
  • Contribution statements, Contribution mailers and Year End Tax report forms can be printed using Contributions reports or statements and ACS forms.
  • High security allows only staff with the correct access level can enter, view, and post transactions.
  • Contributions works with the ACS Check Reader, which scans contributors' checks and opens the corresponding member's account. It also works with Check Plus, which allows you to save a scanned image of an individual's check.