2021 is coming to a close, so it's time for your books to do the same!

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Setting up the Contributions module is very important, especially if you are planning to share data with Financial Accounting software.

Before setting up the Contributions module, your organization should answer the following questions. To learn more about a process, click on the links within the text to view comprehensive procedures for that task.

 Whether to post to a Calendar Year (default) or Fiscal Year.

 If you are using a fiscal year, what month starts your year?

 The default Entry Order you want to use. (You can always use another method.)

 Whether to use Find Person or Find Organization as the Default Location.

 Whether to display pledge information while entering weekly contributions for each person. The default is Yes.

 Whether to allow entry of a check number while entering Contributions transactions. The default is Yes.

 Whether to post to any arrears pledge records before posting to the current year's pledge record. This option allows you to apply money given in the current year to a previous year's unfulfilled pledge. The default is No.

 Whether you want to use Giving Plans. A giving plan allows the contributor to specify what missions or church areas they want their contributions applied to beyond the fund level. The default is No.

 If you want to post contributions above what a contributor pledged to the fund's regular G/L accounts or to special accounts.

 Whether to use the General Ledger Interface. This posts contributions entered into Contributions directly into the General Ledger (Financial Accounting software).

 Whether to retain only 2 years past detail and summarize the older years, or to retain all past years detail. The default is Retain 2 years detail, summarize prior years.