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This update includes:

2015 Forms W-2 (2-up and 4-up) and W-3 for Payroll and the 2015 Forms 1099 (2-up) and 1096 for Accounts Payable.

State tax changes for the following: Connecticut, Idaho, and Ohio.

People Enhancements

Customize the Family Members Grid

When you customize the Family Members grid, you can see important information about an individual and their family members. For example, wouldn't it be helpful if the grid shows if a family member is deceased before you contact the family? Now you can add a Member Status field and have access to that information without having to switch screens.

Right-click in the grid, and select Customize. Then you can select the fields you want to display in the grid.     

An Important Reminder When You Clear Your People Changes Log

If you clear your People Changes log or your Address Changes log, we want you to know how it will affect other areas within the program.

Now, when you clear one or both logs and then click Clear, a message displays with useful information about clearing the log. 


Keep Your Place in the View/Edit Groups Window

Have you ever edited or deleted a name in any of the View/Edit Groups windows and then found yourself returned to the top of the list? Now, after you edit a name in the list, you'll return to the same name. Or, after you delete a name, you'll return to the next name in the list.   


You Can Mark Specific Groups as Inactive

  Groups can come and go. Now, when a group is no longer needed, you can make that list item inactive for a specific element.   

There are two different ways to access the new options:


Another Way to Administer Your Activity List Items

You can delete an activity list item that's in use.

You'll get a message letting you know about any records associated with the list item before you delete it as well as the last date the list item was modified.


Merge Your Organization Records

 Have you ever ended up with more than one record for the same organization? Now, you can merge duplicate organization records to keep your organization records accurate and up-to-date.  


Print One Organization Newsletter for Couples

 Some couples, who are also staff members in the same organization, each receive newsletter mailings. To reduce unnecessary expense, you can  

set the Newsletter flag to Family in the family head's record, so the couple will now receive only one newsletter during each mailing.


New Options to Print the Newsletter List by Church Report

If you don't want all staff members to print on the Newsletter List by Church report, you can customize the report according to the newsletter flag options selected in each people record.



Help Matching the Correct Records to Merge

Accuracy is vital when merging records – especially when it involves contributions.

In the Access ACS Import window, when you select to match a guest giver to a record, a message will display if the email addresses don't match. This gives you the opportunity to learn more about the records before you commit to a merge.


Export the Inquiry by Fund Code Grid to Excel

Right-click in the grid, and select Export Grid. The contents of the grid are then exported to an Excel file.  


Apply the Same Payment Type and Add a Comment to Multiple Vanco Transactions

 In the Vanco Gift Import window, you can select the matched records you want to import, apply the same payment type to them, add a comment to them.   

You can also select a group of transactions to import together according to their payment type, such as Credit Card, Kiosk, Text, etc.

The payment type and comment will be applied after the import.


Print Contributions Imported From The City

 Now, you can right-click in the Import Gifts from The City window and select to print the contents of the grid.   


Increased Readability for Express Check-In Instructions

We increased the font-size of the "Scan Now" message in the Express Check/In Out window to make the check-in process easier for your members.  

Financial Suite Enhancements

Print Your Affordable Care Act Forms

       If you don't want to electronically file your ACA forms, you can process, print, and

       mail them to the IRS yourself.

       On the Affordable Care Act tab, in the Period End Reports section, you can

       select which ACA forms to print.


           NOTE: By the end of the year, the Tax E-File button will be active as an option to

           electronically file your forms.


Employees Must Be Included With Their Covered Individuals

        To ensure the required information is included on the 1095-B/C forms, it's

        important to include each employee's name with their covered individuals.



Include Time Off on Payroll Reports

When you customize the Accumulation Report or the Wage Records Report, you have the option to include time-off totals for your staff members.  

Including this information can be particularly helpful if your payroll is ever audited.

The new check box is selected for you by default whenever you run either report.


View the Default Cost Center in the Customized Payroll List Report

Now, you can add "default cost center" information to the Customized Payroll List report. 



Include Project Names in the General Ledger Inquiry

 Sometimes a little more information on a report can go a long way. For example, displaying the project name on the Account Inquiry Detail report can help with budget reviews.   

You can customize the report to include a Project column. Right-click in one of the General Ledger Inquiry grids, and select Project.

Then, you can set the page orientation to Landscape when you customize the Account Inquiry Detail report to ensure the project information displays on the report.


View the Name Associated with a Company Vendor

You can customize the Add/Edit Vendors grid to display individual names.

Right-click in the grid. Select Customize, and select Individual Name. The Individual Name column is added to the grid.  



Add More Detail to the AP Check Register and Check Proof List Reports

 The AP Check Register and Check Proof List reports are now more descriptive. They combine the invoice description and the comments for each invoice, and they wrap the text if the comments are long.   



People Suite Corrections

We fixed the following issues that affected some of our customers:

  • While mass changing the E-mail Type, the Preferred E-mail information didn't display for some records.
  • An error message displayed while doing a mass email using Constant Contact if the password contained a Shift keyboard symbol such as #.
  • Some OnDemand users experienced a delay when opening the Advanced Exports windows.
  • If you added the Deposit Date and Vanco Batch # custom fields in the Add/Edit Contributions grid, the Transactions List report didn't display them.  
  • In Enter/Post Attendance, the preferred email addresses didn't display when the Single Grid Marking viewing option was not selected.
  • The Attendance Marking Sheet displayed the headings for small groups incorrectly on the report.
  • If you cleared the Use Quick Code check box under Master Settings, the confirmation message didn't display and the quick codes remained in the Group Setup window.
  • While viewing attendance in the Connections Inquiry, the contents of the Roster Group column displayed in the Master Group column.
  • During Checkpoint check in/out, if you removed the pager number, the family user-defined fields were deleted in the family records.
  • In the People section of the ACS User Profile report, the alignment of the permissions column (None, View, All) was offset after the text of a long description wrapped to another line.   


Financial Suite Corrections

We fixed the following issues that affected some of our customers:

  • When voiding a payroll check, the date that the check was entered into General Ledger posted instead of the date the check was voided.
  • When adding (or refreshing) Accounts Receivable customers from People where the head and/or the spouse record did not have a home number, the program added a blank Home Number line within the Accounts Receivable and General Ledger tables. This caused an error message to display.