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Released September 22, 2021

ACS includes the following enhancements and corrections.

Member ID Profile Field

In ACS, we added the Member ID field.

In this release, we added this field in several other locations, including:

  • Advanced Exports (File Export)
  • Add New Family
  • Add Family Member


We corrected these issues that some clients experienced:

  • When an individual had two addresses and you set address dates, then removed one address, the address dates were still set for the remaining address. 
  • When applying a filter in Add/Edit Individual, "An error occurred in the application. qyPeople:Field 'MemberID" not found" displayed. 
  • When using scaling of 150% and a screen resolution of 1366 x 768, the window to enter Deposit Reference Numbers in ACS Contributions did not display properly, and you could not enter this reference number. 

Released August 31, 2021 

Updated State Taxes

We updated state taxes for Kansas and Ohio.


We corrected this issue that some clients experienced:

  • When displaying a voided payroll check, the check amount displays for one penny more than the amount posted to the General Ledger.