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This update includes:

2016 updates to Form 941.

People Suite Enhancements

Set a Custom Phone Type as the Preferred Phone

When you add a new family, you can set a custom phone type as the Preferred Phone.

The custom phone type will display on the Contact Information tab in the individual's record.

Where do you set the custom phone type name?

We added a new option to set the Default Phone Type in People Setup.

The program will set the Default Phone Type to Mobile, Cell, or whatever name you want to use in Define Lists.


Change the Active Flag and Update the Label Names

 It can be a sensitive issue for some families when the name of their deceased family member continues to show up on newsletters, reports, or statements your church sends. So, we recommend that you update the label names for each record you flag as Inactive.

Now, after changing the active flag, a message displays with the option for you to go directly to the Label Names tab and update the label names.   

You'll also get a reminder message to update the label names if you mass change the active flag.

Sync with Access ACS

We moved the process of applying change requests from Access ACS down to ACS desktop!

Now, you can apply change requests and upload records to Access ACS from the same screen – all without requiring Internet Explorer.

With the updated Sync with Access ACS, you can:

  • Be notified about pending change requests when you log in to ACS People.
  • Glimpse an overview of pending change requests and then decide to apply them all with a single click, or select to apply, reject, or postpone changes individually.
  • View a log of People Profile changes applied via change requests including their old and new values.
  • Schedule change requests to be applied automatically each time your scheduled task for uploading records occurs.
  • Flag specific changes, such as last name or marital status, to be excluded from the scheduled automatic applying of changes so you can review those changes before applying them.
  • Grant users permission to apply change requests with the new Access ACS Change Requests security right.
  • Set a date range without an ending date so you're always uploading the latest information for your Connections contacts.


Renamed Fields in Contributions Setup

 We've renamed a couple of fields on the Automatic Withdrawal tab.

You can enter your bank account routing number in the Company/Originator RT# field.

The Federal Tax ID field has been renamed to Company ID because your Identification Code Designator (ICD) number options have been expanded beyond just your Federal Tax ID. Click Company ID to view your options.


Add Mobile Phone When Adding an Individual During Check-In

Since most people use cell phones as their primary phone, it can be important to capture this number as you add new individuals during Check-In.

Now, you can activate the option for entering a second phone number as well as select the Phone Listed check box.

Checkpoint Setup will display the Default Phone Type selected in People Setup.

The Mobile phone number option displays in the Quick Add window and the Add New Family window. It's also in the Add Person option during Express Check-In.


Add an Individual's Bar Code and a Note

 Katelyn shows up for check-in needing a badge, but you need to know that she is allergic to peanuts. Now, in Checkpoint, you can add a new bar code and a note to an individual's record during the check-in process.

Improved Checkpoint Security for Children

 In Checkpoint Setup, you can set the Security IDs options so a parent security badge will only print when a child is checked in – not if they've been checked out and then checked back in.

This prevents allowing children to leave with an unauthorized adult.



Add Checkpoint Notes to Attendance Reports

You can add a Checkpoint note to the following Attendance reports:

Marking Grid, Marking Sheet, Rolls, Roster List, Absentee Report, Individual Attendance – Daily Markup, and Individual Attendance Summary.

For example, you can add a Checkpoint note about an individual's allergies that displays on the Marking Sheet report


Financial Suite Enhancements


Email Accounts Receivable Statements via Constant Contact

In your Accounts Receivable statements, you can select the E-mail Statement to email your customers.

You can also use Constant Contact to email Contribution statements. Reserve a custom field for the Statement Link and the Greeting Name to be used solely for Accounts Receivables.

You can reserve these fields under the Constant Contact section on the Options tab.


New Options for Setting a Customer's Statement Flag

 Customers have three options for receiving this statement: MailE-mail, and No.

The Receive Statement default option is Mail whenever you:

  • Add a new customer
  • Add a new family
  • Import records from People, Organizations, or HeadMaster 

The Receive Statement drop-down list is located on the Billing tab for Student and Other record types.

The Receive Statement drop-down list is available for all records on the Family tab.

If you want to reduce the expense of printing and mailing the Statement on Account by Type report, you can limit this report to customers who cannot be emailed a statement via the new Email Statement.


More Options for Customizing A/R Statements

On the Customer Search tab, we've expanded the options in the Receive Statement field.


Attach Files to Customer and Family Records

You might want to attach an important email so it can be quickly viewed while you're in a record.


Multiple People Can Edit Budgets by Grid

In General Ledger, more than one person can Edit Budgets by Grid at the same time. This is helpful when multiple people manage different budgets. 

Employees Can View Form 1095 Online

Your employees can view their 1095s online when you upload their email addresses on the ACS Tax E-File option for ACA forms.



People Suite Corrections

We fixed the following issues that affected some of our customers:

  • The Find Person grid will filter to the name searched when looking up the same profile multiple times from the Workbench menu.
  • The Manage E-mail Accounts window would not open after the last SMTP accounts settings had been deleted.
  • The font in the Mail Merge window was very light, especially for OnDemand users.  
  • The Mass Change feature didn't work properly for Departmental Fields when the New Value field was left blank.
  • In Attendance, an error message displayed after customizing the Marking Grid to include a preferred email address if you had saved markings.
  • The Attendance Inquiry Groups tab didn't pull summary totals for date ranges for any groups.
  • In Attendance, the default position options didn't display while adding a person to a new class in a master group.
  • In Attendance, an error message displayed after deleting a Worship group event with no attendance markings.
  • In Contributions, the program was delayed while opening the Start New Batch window.
  • The Envelope Extract report didn't save extracts in the (Fixed Length .txt) file format.
  • In Checkpoint, if you had more than one location set for a class, you were able to check in more individuals than the location limit.
  • In CASS It, an error message displayed after clicking Replace Address in the Suggestion List window.

Financial Suite Corrections

We fixed the following issues that affected some of our customers:

  • If you customized the Balance Sheet or the Balance Sheet Analysis statements to use a through date and then you clicked the account balance, the Posting Journal report displayed with an incorrect balance.
  • The General Ledger Import was importing transactions with alpha characters in the reference number field. This caused an error message to display in the following reports: Check Register - Bank Account Order, Check Register - Check Order, and Check Register - List.
  • The ACH deposit didn't round properly when an employee had any of the following: 
    • Direct deposit
    • At least three separate bank accounts
    • The Allocate using percent check box selected
    • One bank account with zero percent allocation
  • When creating an ACH file for payroll checks, the grid didn't sort check numbers in correct numerical order.
  • When reprinting posted checks, the YTD totals were incorrect.
  • When two local taxes were combined for an employee through Add/Edit W-2, the W-3 and W-2 summary page didn't correctly reflect the change. And, if you removed a local tax from an employee's record, and money was already deducted for the local tax, the local tax didn't display on the employee's W-2.
  • After entering an adjustment on an invoice in Customer Inquiry and clicking Adjust Invoice, the program screen began flashing.
  • When the Amount Due List report was filtered for a fund that had a written off invoice, the report displayed incorrect totals in the Amount Due column.
  • If a purchase order number exceeded 10 characters in length, the program wouldn't print any more than the first 10 characters.
  • In Accounts Payable, if you set the schedule of an annual invoice to the "First" of any day of the month, the invoice no longer displayed in the Invoice Calendar.